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Portable, shareable work references for candidates

Powered by GDPR, Joblock empowers you to source, own and share your own job references with recruiters, on request

Reference-checked talent pipeline for recruiters

Fill your talent pipeline with a curated portfolio of pre-vetted active and passive talent, via own channels or a unique recruiter referral link

Top companies have ported job references to Joblock
1. Register

As a job-seeker Joblock empowers you to source and own your own job references, and therefore to own the value of your work experience, a right under GDPR data & privacy laws. Creating your Joblock profile is the first step to get the ball rolling. When you register, Joblock allocates you a unique, permanent mail box required to receive your references from your clients or ex-employers.

1. Recruiter Setup

Getting set up as a recruiter starts with completing a simple onbording form. Once the verification is complete, the recruiter would receive an email with a unique code to be used when requesting a reference from a candidate.

Getting Started

2. Gather

With Joblock you can send reference requests for all your previous roles in a few simple steps. The referee will likely ask, through your normal email, for some proof of identity and consent, such as a copy of passport. Once proof of consent is verified the referee has maximum 30 days to confirm your reference on Joblock, under GDPR legislation. Fortuntaley for your referee, confirming your reference is as easy as replying to the request email. No excuses.

2. Request References

As a recruiter you do not need a job offer, or even a current vacancy, to request for references. You can ask job references from active or passively-looking candidates, individually or from a candidate list on a CSV file. For an ongoing recruitment process, a recruiter can request references for all shortlisted candidates, well in advance of the offer stage. At that stage a reference will be requested from the successful candidate only, and the rest of the pre-vetted candidates will sit in the talent pipeline.

3. Share

Once validated, you retain the sole right to give, alter or withdraw consent for any third party to view the references, on demand. Joblock’s sole responsibility is to ensure a validated reference is tamper-proof.

3. Fill your talent pipeline

After sending reference requests, all the recruiter does is sit and watch as the notifications for reference completions trickle in. No more chasing references. Each candidate sources and shares their own references with recruiters.