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Accelerated shortlisting

While most recruiters already maintain some kind of talent pool, targeting the right candidate when client instruction arrives is the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack problem. Using Joblock to pre-screen the talent pool converts this unruly crowd into an ordered, prioritised ready-to-hire pipeline, dramatically accelerating the shortlisting process.

Reduced time-to-start

As a recruiter Joblock empowers you to curate your own engaged pipeline of reference-checked, work-ready candidates. Effortlessly. That means candidate shortlisting can start as soon as client instructions are recieved, slashing the time-to-shortlist. Once interviews are complete, the successfully candidate can sign a final, not provisional contract, and can start work literally the next day. In today's candidate-driven job market a reduced time-to-start limits the chances of job offers falling through, saving time, money and effort.

Improved candidate experience

A study by reed.com showed that 73% of candidates would alter their relationship with a brand because of negative recruitment process. Virgin Media even did a research to put a number on the cost of bad candidate experience:$5M annually. Among the reasons for candidates' dissatisfaction with a company's hiring process is a lengthy time-to-hire, and a company's lack of data portability. With a seamless onboarding process that starts at the shortlisting stage, Joblock addresses both issues elegantly and effortlessly, resulting in positive brand perception.

Increased candidate engagement

Putting the candidate in the driving seat in terms of requesting and chasing references from ex-employers keeps them engaged with the process, and provides good reason for the recruiter to keep in touch during the time when the candidate could be tempted by other rival offers. Once again, reducing the chancesof job offers falling through.

Detailed Insight

Today, most employers confirm only the basic details of a candidate's employment record. Under GDPR ex-employers are legally-obligated to supply or confirm all employment details - such as awards won, recommendations and bonuses awarded -as long as the candidate requests the data. That allows the recruiter to dig deeper into the candidate's suitability for the role. A detailed job description of the candidate's last role, for example, gives more insight into the candidate's suitability for the new role.

Scalable due dilligence

As the checkout stage of the recruitment process, verifying the employment history of job candidates is essential, but it can add time to the hiring process. In today’s fast-moving job market, time equals money. Anything you can do to speed up hiring is good for your organization—and good for your candidates. As a recruiter Joblock puts this critical due dilligence process in your hands, but because the actual chasing of references is done by the highly-motivated candidate it leaves you free to concentrate on the things you're good at: hiring.