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Shareable work references for candidates

Powered by GDPR, Joblock empowers you to source, own and share your own job references with recruiters, on request

Pre-screened talent pipeline for recruiters

Steal a march on your competitors with your own Rolodex of ready-to-start, pre-vetted talent, whether actively or passively-looking.

Top companies have ported job references to Joblock
Own your career history

As an employee or independent contractor your job references constitute the aggregate value of your entire career. Joblock is a digital wallet to source and own these references, and therefore to own the value of your work experience, a right under GDPR data & privacy laws.

Reduced time-to-hire

As a recruiter Joblock empowers you to create, manage and engage with your own portfolio of reference-checked candidates, without the need of a job offer or even an existing job vacancy. That means you can beat your competitors to the punch, close more deals and excite your clients, internal or external, by presenting them with a list of work-ready candidates.

Unlock your future

As a job-seeker having your references within your control means you don't have to wait to start a job because your ex-boss is on holiday, has sinced changed jobs, or simply can't be bothered to respond. Worse still is if your company goes under, not very uncommon in these days when technology and consumer trends have seen century-old companies bite the dust on a daily basis. Remember Lehman Brothers? Thomas Cook anyone?

Seamless talent onboarding

Among the reasons for candidates' dissatisfaction with a prospective employer is a lengthy hiring process. With a candidate-led onboarding process that starts at or prior to the shortlisting stage, Joblock solves the issue elegantly and effortlessly, resulting in positive brand perception for both the employer and the recruiter.

Prove your value

By enabling you to secure a detailed employment record from your ex-employers - to inculde detailed job requirements and responsibilities, salaries & bonuses, plus awards and recomendations - Joblock allows you to prove your value to your prospective employer.

Deeper Candidate Insight

Under GDPR ex-employers are legally-obligated to supply or confirm all employment details - such as prizes won awards receiced, special recommendations, salaries and bonuses awarded -as long as the candidate requests the data. That allows the recruiter to dig deeper into the candidate's suitability for the role. A detailed job description of the candidate's last role, for example, gives more insight into the candidate's suitability for the new role.