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Introducing peer-to-peer job referencing

Source, own and instantly share your own job references with third parties, on demand.

Some of the companies that have ported job references to Joblock:


Joblock empowers you to source and own your own job references, and therefore to own the value of your work experience, a right under GDPR data & privacy laws. Creating your Joblock profile is the first step to get the ball rolling. When you register, Joblock allocates you a unique, permanent mail box required to receive your references from your clients or ex-employers.


With Joblock you can send reference requests for all your previous roles in a few simple steps. The referee will likely ask, through your normal email, for some proof of identity and consent, such as a copy of passport. Once proof of consent is verified the referee has maximum 30 days to confirm your reference on Joblock, under GDPR legislation. Fortuntaley for your referee, confirming your reference is as easy as replying to the request email. No excuses.


Once validated, you retain the sole right to give, alter or withdraw consent for any third party to view the references, on demand. Joblock’s sole responsibility is to ensure a validated reference is tamper-proof.