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About Us

In today's on-demand world, it is surprising that it will can take anything from 10 days to NEVER to complete the reference checks required to get on-boarded as a new hire. The main reason for the delay is that before you can start a new role, you need your references to clear. Unfortunately these references, the aggregate value of your career, are locked up somewhere in your ex-employer's creaking HR system. In other words, your old, insufferable boss still holds the key to you future. As independent contractors, we had had enough.

So we started Joblock, a digital platform that empowers people to source and own their own job references, and to exclusively hold the keys to administer consent for third parties to view those references. By leveraging GDPR data & privacy laws, your ex-employer is obligated to port those references to a third-party processor of your choice.

As shown on the right, some top companies have already ported employee references to Joblock. The revolution has jus started.