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About Us

In today's increasingly on-demand world, it is surprising that it can take anything from 10 days to NEVER to complete the reference checks required to onboard a single new hire. This costs time, money and effort to job candidates, prospective employer and ex-employers. As contractors, we as founders have been at the wrong end of late references one too many. We know something had to be done.

Thanks to the new GDPR legislation we launched Joblock, a digital passport for job candidates to to source and own their own job references, and to exclusively hold the keys to administer consent for third parties to view those references.
  • Joblock helps candidates own and control their workplace credentials
  • By requesting refeencies at the shortlisting stage, prospective employers can cut the time-to-hire to almost zero, saving time. money and effort.
  • By incorporating Joblock into their exit interview process, employers can avoid the perpetual adminsitrative costs and potential risks of giving references to all ex-employees. Today the average person changes jobs 11 times in the lifetime.
As shown on the right, some top companies have already ported employee references to Joblock. The revolution has just started.